Universe Adventure YouTube Video Contest

So you think you can take an ordinary science idea and turn it into an extraordinary online video? Well, here's your chance to prove it. We want California high school students to share their science know-how with the world. By joining our Student Video Contest they can show off their science savvy for a chance to win prizes! Entry deadline is June 15th, 2009, and the contest is open to California high school students only. Examples of student videos that explain physical principles can be found here.

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The Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP) is sponsoring a YouTube competition to engage high school teachers and their students in a creative learning process combining social networking, science education, and peer learning. This competition challenges participants to create a video on YouTube that demonstrates one of the key fundamental scientific principles or physical laws that governs cosmology or astrophysics in the universe. The winning students and their teacher will be awarded prizes.

BCCP invites students to review our website http://UniverseAdventure.org and then to produce videos that illustrate scientific principles and physical laws describing the Universe such as those outlined on the website. The goal is to creatively explain and present the selected principle or law in a clear, entertaining and thought-provoking way. See these five videos produced by students during a summer workshop as examples.

After submission, the students will review and vote on the productions of their peers (learning more about science and science education through the process). BCCP staff will judge the competition and, in combination with the popular online vote, select winners.

How to Enter

Entry Eligibility

The Rules

Judging Criteria

Each Judge will rate the video on each of the following criteria as (1) fair; (2) good; (3) very good; or (4) outstanding:

1. Explanation of the Scientific Concept.
The most important aspect of the video is how well it explains the scientific concept. Here are some points we will be considering:

2. Relevance to Students
The video should also aim to make science fun and interesting for high school students. We will consider:

3. Video Quality
While the content of the video is the most important aspect, we will also consider:

4. Creativity

BCCP staff will determine the winner by combining the highest composite score with the student online vote. In the case of a tie, the video with the best score of peers will win.


The winning entry will be featured on our website, www.universeadventure.org, and will be linked to the BCCP's main web page between July 1, 2009 through October 1, 2009. The winning video will receive:

For questions about the video contest, please contact us at contest.universeadventure[at]gmail.com.