The Search for Dark Matter

Large Hadron Collider
Particle accelerators, such as the newly constructed LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, use powerful magnets to accelerate particles to velocities near that of light and collide them into target beams. Physicists analyze the spray of particles created by the collisions which may contain clues about the properties of elusive dark matter particles.

Today the search for dark matter is carried out in labs, observatories, and particle accelerators around the world. Scientists hope that the next generation of experiments will finally uncover the identity of dark matter.

Alternatives to Dark Matter

Some cosmologists are looking for alternative theories that explain these phenomena without relying on unobservable dark matter. Most of these theories involve substantial theoretical modifications to General Relativity and Newtonian gravitation. However, none of these explanations have been experimentally verified yet, and dark matter remains the leading candidate theory in most physics circles.

Cosmic Conundrums Cosmic Conundrums: Dark Matter