The Universe Adventure provides a variety of supplementary resources to bring cosmology into the classroom! Below you will find activities, worksheets, and quizzes.

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Teacher's Activities
File Contents PDF/DOC Rich Text File
Understanding Accelerating Expansion Activity .doc .rtf
Alternative Assessment Assignments .doc .rtf
From Rubber Bands to Big Bangs Activity .doc .rtf
List of Relevant California Science Standards .doc .rtf
Class Discussion - Density, Gravity, the Big Bang (has solutions) .doc
Color the CMB .pdf
Another Look at the "Cosmic Calendar" Activity .doc .rtf
Practice with Orders of Magnitude Activity .doc .rtf
Ordering the Events of the Four Eras (has solutions) .doc .rtf
Meaning of "The Speed of Light" Activity .doc .rtf
Universe Adventure Assigned Reading .doc
Understanding the CMB (has solutions) .pdf
Parallax Activity .doc

Activity Answer Keys

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